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Bara Sketchbook

Bara Sketchbook


Living between Lagos and Kaduna in Nigeria, Bara Sketchbook (b. 1993 in Nigeria) is a synaesthete whose portraits delve into the intricate relationship between identity and colors. In his own words, Bara sees art as a profound documentation of life's essence-a medium to immortalize experiences of love, loss, and emotion. His creative process is meticulously crafted, with each brushstroke and color choice serving a deliberate purpose. Drawing from his rich African heritage, Bara seeks to communicate the essence of his familial and tribal roots through his subjects' positions and expressions. Utilizing acrylic on canvas, Bara's choice of medium reflects his love for vibrant colors and the emotional depth they convey. His recent series, "Ajayi's People," is a poignant tribute to his late mother, embodying his resilience as an artist and his commitment to preserving his cultural legacy.

In November last year, Bara SKETCHBOOK was commissioned by Kaduna Fashion & Arts Exhibition  to create an installation for its 4th Edition. The Reflective is an innovative and interactive art installation set to take place in various locations across Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria. Designed to spark curiosity, reflection, and engagement within the community, this aims to promote cultural awareness and appreciation for the rich artistic heritage of the region.  The installation features a series of life-sized rectangular boxes adorned with signature Bara figurines and a unique twist involving a mirror that invites passersby to become part of the artwork itself.

I got your back

I got your back


Acrylic on canvas

91 x 61 cm









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